Auto Di Ischia

If you take a look on Via Provincial Panaza you're going to find a lot more than just cars on the road. With the unstable small windy roads, people have had to adapt to the island when getting around. The result is an organized chaos of islanders, tourists, animals, and materials working their way around the island 24/7. I'm amazed everyday that I don't see an accident. But then again, I don't think the islanders would consider a side-swipe scratch truly an accident.

Most places in the world, people will drive cars of their choice and make their environment adapt to them. The first and most noticeable thing about the cars on this island is that Ischia comes first. The island will beat your car up and let you know you're lucky to be driving on it in the first place. Hair pin switch back roads, two lane streets that can barely fit a Vespa, and clutch burning hills are some of the things that would crumble a '94 Saturn.

Types of Transportation on Ischia


Next to the mini-two door car, Vespas and Scooters get people around the island the most. Easy to navigate around other traffic and convenient to fix. People who don't want the hassle go with this option. You'll see a younger crowd of daredevils on these. 

Three Wheel Mini-Truck

When you need to carry a little bit more you're going to need some cargo space. Full sized trucks aren't an option, nor do they have the turn radius. The Three Wheel Mini-Truck (best name I have) solves this by adding some cargo space on top of a mini engine. Some of these are a one seater but occasionally you'll find two or three stuffed into them. Many of these TWMT will get passed up on the hills by other cars.


These small two-door cars are much smaller than 95% of the cars in the states. Most common on the island, these cars have a size that closely resemble the new Fiats and Smart Cars that are starting to rise up in the USA. Most of them will be old, beat up, manhandled, and stick-shift. Regardless, these guys have some of the most personality of the vehicles on the island.


You can't talk about getting around the island without talking about the bus system. Pick up a 60-min bus ticket for €1.10 and you can get anywhere around the island. The speed however will depend on the traffic and obstacles that the bus will need to over come. During the month I've heard stories of people fainting, tires blowing, and minor crashes. I've waited for over an hour for the next bus that is suppose to come every 20-30min. They all leave on schedule but after they get on the road its anyones guess. The drivers are pro and navigate the sketchy turns easily. Often you'll see two buses come together on a single lane street, one will back up, drivers will have a friendly conversation for 5 min, and then the bus will continue on its way. More times than not, the bus will be packed, not sardines packed, but concert/Chinese subway packed. Getting caught without a ticket is a €37 fine on the spot.

Cars For Show

Of course you'll see the occasional car that is for show. After showing this car to a couple of the islanders, many of them mentioned that they are usually owned by club owners and other high profile people on the island.

Utility Vehicles

Garbage, fire, ambulance, police, and cargo trucks all look the same as you would except anywhere else...just mini. 

Everything In Between

Outside of the categories already mentioned there are a ton of funky things with wheels on them that you'll see on the roads. Some of them are strictly for tourists to feel fun in, others are the transport of choice for the islanders.