Vino d'Ischia

I mean, we're in Italy, I knew there would be a lot of wine. You can't go out on the street without seeing signs for cheap Vino Rosso. However, what I didn't expect to see when I came to Ischia was the amount of vineyards that each family has on their property. Sure, there are a couple major players in the islands wine market, but I've learned that many families on the island will have a plot of land to themselves to make their own wine. Family wine to share with everyone during the Sunday lunch. 

The volcanic soil and mild Mediterranean weather make Ischia ideal to produce wine. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good bottle to share. Drinking wine and watching the sunset is part of the culture of the island. If you're feeling a little crazy then you can move onto the Ischia Grappa that circulates the island in unmarked bottles. 

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